Main Conference (August 5th, 2022)

Building high scale API from scratch with 2 people, half CTO and no dogs

Given: - a huge European bank wants us to build an API they could use in their app; - millions of potential users; - fixed deadline; - no already existing solution; - two devs.

It is a story of good, bad and ugly, of lessons, excitements, drama and fun. I will talk about all aspects we had to consider: development, deployment and release, monitoring and alerting, security and cost. I will share the approach we used to tackle uncertainty and scale.

Spoiler: it's about AWS and serverless and importance of clear coummnication and well defined processes.


Cloud Native Summit - Anna Lezhikova

Anna Lezhikova

Senior DevSecOps Engineer at Reejig

Anna is a Lead DevSecOps Engineer from Wellington. She worked with a wide range of technologies in various big and small companies and found that the key factor in everything was humans, not machines. She loves to make big things by combining small parts. In free time she raises kids, plants and communities.

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