Main Conference (August 5th, 2022)

High Perfomance Messaging in the Cloud

Aeron ( aims to be the world's fastest messing bus regardless of environment, be that in the cloud or on premise. This talk will delve into some of the specific challenges in delivering high-throughput and low-latency messaging in cloud environments. Specifically it will cover efficient multi-node distribution, various reliability guarantees, trimming off the last few microseconds and dealing with all the weird things that tools like docker and kubernetes like to throw into the mix.


Cloud Native Summit - Michael Barker

Michael Barker

Independent Consultant at Ephemeris Consulting

Michael Barker has over two decades of experience in the software industry across a wide range of industries including exchange systems, finance, telecommunications and government. Michael spent 10 years working at LMAX Exchange, where he help transform its latecy from 1ms to sub-80µs, along with contributing to nearly every part of the system (matching engine, broker & risk management, messaging & reliablility infrastructure, survellience, monitoring…).

He has a fondness for concurrency and data structures, being the long term maintainer of the LMAX Disruptor and building multiple novel structures to support the exchange and broker.

More recently Michael has been heavily involved with the Aeron project, mostly bringing the C implementation of the media driver up to functional parity with the Java media driver and experimenting with alternative networking implementations, e.g. DPDK.

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