Main Conference (Aug 6th, 2019)

Building Serverless applications at scale

This talk focuses on best practices on how to build high performing scalable applications, harnessing the AWS serverless platform. It discovers how to leverage Serverless components to work together to produce high throughput performing systems. The talk will walk through a problem/use-case and how it can be solved using AWS serverless offerings, along with the why and useful tips to save you time when building applications at scale.



Cloud Native Summit - Vanessa Thornton

Vanessa Thornton

API Developer/Tech lead at Xero

Vanessa has been a developer for six years working in the financial sector firstly, at Kiwibank as an integration developer and now at Xero, as an productivity engineer building internal developer tools. Vanessa has a passion for all things serverless which has led her to work on Xero’s webhook project. The Xero API’s first serverless only application. Vanessa is an active member in the serverless developer community, ranging from presenting at local developer meetup's, organising Serverless conferences, and presenting talks from webinars through to full length talks at various conference over the years.

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