Main Conference (Aug 6th, 2019)

Metrics, Histograms, Traces - The ultimate measurement of customer experience

As software Engineers, we design software and we write CODE. Our code only generates business value when it runs in production. And if it generates Business Values we better monitor it, and we better measure it. In this talk I will discuss some of the best practices many large cloud scale, platform company uses to provide great customer experience.

In 20 minutes using combination of metrics, histograms and distributed tracing to instrument a real-time time t-shirt ordering shirt. You can — in real time — order t-shirts and show real-time metrics, histograms and traces and how I use those to monitor a modern application.



Cloud Native Summit - Annie Lin

Annie Lin

Application Platform Architect at VMware

Annie heads VMware’s application platform engineering practice across APJ. She joined VMware in 2018 after leading a DevOps consultancy which worked for Australia’s largest bank. Before this, Annie spent 11 years at IBM, where she published more than 70 technical papers internally and worked in coaching and presales engineering roles in security, testing, DevOps and cloud.

Prior to Big Blue, Annie worked in a start-up which developed shopping centre management systems for real estate heavyweights like AMP Capital and Savill.

While she studies software engineering at university, Annie helped recruitment company design and build a smart candidate filter system to improve productivity and shortlist candidates.

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