Main Conference (Aug 6th, 2019)

Observability for everyone

Have you ever tried to debug a production outage, when your system comprises apps your team has written, third-party apps your team runs, with logs going into some system, application performance metrics going into another system, and cloud platform metrics going somewhere else? Did you find yourself switching tabs, trying to correlate metrics with logs and alerts and finding yourself in a huge tangle? It is a nightmare. In the data world, we talk about aggregating all our data so we can derive new insights quickly, but what about our operational data? Observability is your ability to be able to ask questions of your system without having to write new code, or grab new data. When you've got an observable system, it feels like you have debugging superpowers, but can be challenging to even know where to start. If you can even convince your colleagues to start, finding the right tools can be challenging. In this talk Inny and Andrew will talk about what monitoring and logging are not sufficient anymore (if they ever were), observability basics, and demo an observability platform that you can use to start your observability journey today.



Cloud Native Summit - Inny So

Inny So

Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Inny So is currently working in ThoughtWorks Australia as an Infrastructure Consultant. She had the opportunity to work in different aspect of Software Engineering including development, test automation and operation. She enjoys all things infrastructure, especially when it comes to understanding the health of a system and infrastructure using data. Her recent encounter with Kafka had inspire her to look at using event as a way to improve observability of a system to help team react better when there is problem.

Cloud Native Summit - Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Andrew Jones is a self-taught software developer and consultant, currently based in Melbourne. He has worked in startups, non-profits and enterprise environments in a variety of roles, with his most recent roles requiring cloud and data architecture specialties so as to help organisations unlock the value in their data. Andrew has skills and interests across different languages including Clojure, Javascript, Golang, and Ruby, tools like Ansible and Puppet, and platforms like AWS. He is equally comfortable working with infrastructure or on front-end code. Andrew is active in the Melbourne data scene as organiser of, and regular presenter.

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