Diana Omuoyo

Solution Consultant at New Relic

Diana is based in Sydney and works as a Solutions Consultant with New Relic where she focusses on helping customers through their DevOps and Cloud Adoption journeys. Her role involves strategic partnerships with the stakeholders of these initiatives; working to drive successful implementation by measuring what matters. Prior to New Relic, Diana lived in Wellington and worked as a PerfEng/DevOps Consultant. Her experience spans various countries and industries and her passion and drive to help others strive for and deliver quality software is what keeps her motivated.


Main Conference (Aug 6th, 2019)

Escaping Enterprise Complexity: Simple Hacks for Your Stack

A cloud native app is typically architected specifically to run in an elastic and distributed environment and the Cloud Native implementation strategies are in essence based on scale and resilience wherein most DevOps strategies are typically focussed on speedy of delivery. This inherently raises what can be seen as opposing forces between the Code Deployment [Dev] vs Management of the applications [Ops/SRE].

Cloud-native app development typically includes devops and agile methodologies, [Multi] cloud platforms, containers, microservices and continuous delivery. So, on one hand we have the Delivery teams striving to deliver code faster and easier and on the other side the operations functions are worried about the stability of the systems because each introduction of change to the environment increases the risk of instability.

So how can we get around this and ensure a successful Cloud Native implementation of DevOps.

This talk will cover topics around:

  • Empowering the Delivery teams to ship quality code
  • Proactively managing system health
  • Elasticity - Scaling and right Sizing
  • Connectivity in Complexity

Some take aways from this Session:

  • Getting Insights into your application right from code commit and the impact of each code change
  • Identifying Patterns and trends across your digital footprint
  • Establishing reasonable thresholds and minimising alerting fatigue
  • Gaining full visibility into your applications, dependencies and containers and the relationships between them

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