Mandi Buswell

Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat (NZ)

Mandi is a senior solutions architect with Red Hat NZ, with over 24 years of software development experience and Red Hat's SME on all things OpenShift, Kubernetes and AppDev.


Main Conference (Aug 6th, 2019)

The nature and characteristics of adopting hybrid cloud

Muliti-cloud, Hybrid-cloud, Open cloud - In this talk, Mandi will explore the challenges and benefits of adopting a cloud strategy. Cloud makes everything easy right? But without an industry standard, and where the lowest common denominator is basic infrastructure how do you solve those complex real-world problems.

So you want self service, immediate returns, low risk and low cost - is this even possible without vast engineering capability and large scale? Staying relevant in a competitive market has never been so difficult, or customers attention moved so quickly. How do you capture the cloud and get to your customer satisfaction faster?

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