Pre-Conference Day


August 5th, 2019 08:30am - 4:00pm

Monday, August 5th . 8:00am

Cloud Native Summit - Zack Butcher

Zack Butcher - Founding Engineer, Tetrate

The Basics of Istio & Envoy

During this workshop you will gain hands-on experience to understand how Envoy & Istio have changed the landscape of cloud native applications. This 4-hour training will demonstrate how and why to use these tools to solve the challenges of security, observability, networking, and multi-cloud. Topics include:

  • Traffic Management and Resilient Communication between Services
  • Policy Enforcement and Rate Limiting
  • Telemetry, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Securing Communication between Microservices
  • Canary Deployment

Venue: Willeston Conference Centre - Level, 11/15 Willeston St, Wellington

Cloud Native Summit - Scott Coulton

Scott Coulton - Azure Cloud Advocate

CNAB (Cloud native application bundle)

When we deploy to the cloud, most of us aren’t dealing with just a single cloud provider or even deployment tool. It seems like even the simplest of applications today need nginx, Let’s Encrypt, persistent file storage, DNS, and somewhere in there your application.

That is a lot to figure out! Porter, a cloud-native package manager built on CNAB, helps you manage everything into a single package and focus on what you know best: your application. In this workshop, we’ll first cover the CNAB specification. Next, we’ll deep-dive into Porter and show how it simplifies the bundle authoring experience. Finally, we’ll walk through several hands-on examples and provide you the basics so you can explore CNAB and Porter to build bundles for your own projects.

  • Audience: Intermediate DevOps/SysAdmins
  • Pre-reqs: Familiarity with Docker. Attendees should bring a laptop with Docker installed. We'll provide Github repos for the workshop material.

Venue: Willeston Conference Centre - Level, 11/15 Willeston St, Wellington

Monday, August 5th . 12:30pm

Cloud Native Summit - Kiru Samapathy

Kiru Samapathy - Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Hands-on with Docker

Docker, a container-based method of application packaging and lightweight virtualization, has taken the DevOps world by storm and is fast becoming a deployment platform of choice for new and existing applications targeting cloud-based and microservices architectures.

Kiru Samapathy will take you through an infrastructure-as-code approach to Docker-based production environments via scripting and automation to help get you started on your journey, whether you are migrating existing applications or starting afresh with microservices. Topics include:

  • History of containers and why Docker is a good platform for microservices
  • Docker 101: An overview of core concepts, including images, registry, containers, command-line usage
  • Deploying and scaling applications in multihost Docker environments
  • Handling application configuration and using service discovery techniques
  • Monitoring and metrics for container-based applications
  • Log aggregation and analyzing logs from container-based applications
  • Overview of Docker security considerations

Venue: Willeston Conference Centre - Level, 11/15 Willeston St, Wellington

Cloud Native Summit - Travis Holton

Travis Holton - Software developer at Catalyst IT

Introduction to Kubernetes - FREE Workshop for Main Conference Attendees (*)

Considering deploying your containerized application to production? Whether you are deploying to bare metal or a cloud VM, container orchestration frameworks can reduce the operational load of managing, updating and scaling your application. Kubernetes is a mature orchestration platform with over a decade of development behind it. This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to Kubernetes. Learn how to set up a Kubernetes cluster, deploy a containerized application and manage updates with rolling upgrades. (3-4 hrs)

Workshop Agenda:

  • Introduction Containerised Applications & Kubernetes background
  • Bootstrapping Kubernetes Cluster
  • Deploy containerized application
  • Development Workflow: Update application, Rolling upgrade

(*) FREE workshop for Main Conference Attendees, thanks to our sponsor Catalyst Cloud. Limited Availability!

Venue: Catalyst IT, Level 6/150 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington

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