Main Conference (May 19th, 2022)

Designing and implementing Database-as-a-Service

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) more commonly known as “Managed Databases”, it has become the fastest growing cloud service with some estimates projecting a market of $320 billion by 2025. The reason for this meteoric growth is the proven value of Database-as-a-Service in enabling a fast time-to market by improving productivity, standardization and data security.

User could request a backup of the database, or create and resize a database cluster using the same call regardless of the particular database being used. It’s the platform’s responsibility to implement backup, cluster resizing or any other abstract operation correctly for each of the underlying databases that the platform supports.

This presentation will introduce the Managed Database offering in Catalyst Cloud, including how it is designed and implemented and how we interact with the upstream community, there will be a demo in the end.


Cloud Native Summit - Lingxian Kong

Lingxian Kong

Senior Cloud Engineer at Catalyst Cloud

Lingxian is a Senior Cloud Engineer at Catalyst Cloud (New Zealand) with more than 8 years of industrial experience designing and developing cloud services based on open source projects. Before joining Catalyst Cloud, he worked in the cloud computing department in Huawei for 4 years, leading a team of OpenStack (an open source cloud computing platform) upstream contributors globally. Lingxian is the project team lead of multiple OpenStack projects such as Database as a Service, Function as a Service, etc. In Kubernetes area, Lingxian is co-lead of OpenStack Cloud Provider, maintaining several services such as openstack-cloud-controller-manager, cinder-csi-plugin, octavia-ingress-controller, magnum-auto-healer and keystone-auth. Lingxian also actively participated in various open source mentoring programs to help new contributors get started.

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