Piers Harding

Solution Architect at Catalyst Cloud

A member of the NZ SKA Alliance, since 2016 contributing to the design of the Science Data Processing platform of the SKA project.

Working on the Catalyst Cloud, OpenStack and New Zealand based Public/Private cloud offering. Open Source enthusiast.


Main Conference (Aug 6th, 2019)

Cloud Native in the SKA

As it becomes increasingly difficult for a single country or institution to engage in large scale scientific endeavours, there is a continental shift underway towards not just internationally collaborative science, but also inter-disciplinary science collaboration. In order to support this shift in workflow there is increasing pressure on the supporting data processing platforms to enable the efficient sharing of resources. Many things have to come together to make it possible to think this big spanning, platform engineering and science pipeline software architecture. This presentation takes a look at what the SKA mega science project is doing to make use of Cloud Native technology as an enabler for this next iteration of scientific collaboration.

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