Pre-Conference (September 4th, 2023)

An Analytics journey from Legacy to Cloud managed solutions – A personal case study

I would like to present my experience and share insights that I gained working in a legacy on-prem data analytics environment and contrast that to the cloud-based ecosystem where I am currently working on. I will bring in perspectives from both the data consumer space and the platform engineering domain and highlight the challenges faced with legacy systems delivered over on-prem infrastructure and the approaches in cloud-based solutions which aid in, - enhancing better user experience, - lowering administrative costs and - providing better agility in an environment where the technology is rapidly evolving.


Cloud Native Summit - Meena Satishkumar

Meena Satishkumar

Senior Platforms Engineer (Cloud) at BNZ

I am a Senior Platforms Engineer (Cloud) in BNZ. I am very passionate and inquisitive! Be it exploring the mind body complex or a new technology/application absolutely keen to break it apart and get to the core.

Years of practising Yoga/Meditation has given me the ability to flex and challenge my mind in applying rigorous logic to complex analytical issues and at the same time express myself through art and music.

Details of my work experience can be found here,

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