Main Conference (August 5th, 2022)

Imagine you are a horse - an equation for customer centricity from the field

Customer centricity is set to be the next 'buzzword' in technology companies. Just like devops, agile and microservice architecture - tech companies everywhere talking the talk of customer centricity, but how do you walk the walk. Lets not let customer centricity become a much debated and misunderstood corporate strategy. Imagine you are a horse is a lesson in empathy, and empathy a magic ingredient in the equation of customer centricity. This fun lightening talk will be an exercise in creative visualisation to give you some ideas on how you can embrace customer centricity to enhance your relationship with your own technology and your customer.


Cloud Native Summit - Mandi Buswell

Mandi Buswell

Associate Principal Solution Architect at Red Hat NZ

Associate Principal Solution Architect at Red Hat NZ, with over 24 years of software development experience and Red Hat's SME on all things OpenShift, Kubernetes and AppDev.

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