Workshop / Pre-Conference (August 4th, 2022)

Prevent cloud-native security attacks before they happen, stop them when they happen

Aqua Security, the developers of Trivy, leads the charge in the fight against cloud native attacks by giving organisations the ability to trust their code, harden the infrastructure and stop attacks in production.

Security teams can lose precious time trying to co-relate insights across multiple security solutions which only give them a partial and often a rear mirror view of the attack.

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how Aquas cloud native protection platform (CNAPP) can help you stop attacks when they happen, because they will.

What you will learn:

  • How you can get an immediate risk profile of your environment and identify and patch infected workloads through Aqua's Risk based insights.
  • What is Supply Chain security all about and why it's important.
  • Why Static scanning is not enough and how can you detect hidden dangers through dynamic threat analysis.
  • How you can stop majority of attacks by enforcing workload immutability and prevent Drift with a single control toggle without the need to pre-profile your workloads/images.
  • A real life scenario about how to detect and block Log4J and other zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Aqua's powerful virtual patching ability which allows you mitigate risk in real-time by blocking compromised packages in production without bring your application offline.
  • Learn about Aqua's Cloud Native Detection and Response based on behavioural detection.
  • How Aqua's Advanced Malware protection can detect and remove Malware.

Who should attend:

Security teams, DevOps teams, cloud Operations and compliance.

Please note, spots are limited and attendance strictly by registration only.

Venue: Catalyst IT, Level 6/150 Willis St, Te Aro, Wellington


Cloud Native Summit - Fahd Suleman

Fahd Suleman

Solution Architect at Aqua Security

Cyber Security Leader | DevSecOp | Cloud Native Security

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