Main Conference (August 5th, 2022)

Collection is not Detection - Sec Ops in a Cloud Native Environment

Security operations have always been hard. How many logs should we collect? Which logs should we collect? How to we respond and remediate things quickly? Then just when you thought you'd got it right for your on-premises, you've decided to move the cloud and have to start all over again... or do you?

In this talk, Sarah will discuss how security operations change from on-prem to the cloud and how to optimise your security operations in a hybrid environment to make use of modern tooling such as automation, AI/ML, etc.


Cloud Native Summit - Sarah Young

Sarah Young

Senior Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft and a CNCF Ambassador

Sarah Young is a Senior Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft and a CNCF Ambassador with over a decade of experience in security across Europe, the US and Asia. Sarah is an experienced public speaker and has presented on a range of IT security and technology topics at industry events both nationally and internationally and holds numerous industry qualifications including CISSP, CCSP, CISM and Azure Solutions Architect and has previously co-authored Microsoft Press technical books. In 2019, Sarah won the Security Champion award at the Australian Women in Security Awards. She is an active supporter of both local and international security and cloud native communities.

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