Main Conference (August 5th, 2022)

Event-driven architecture, software seams and state machines, oh my!

Every so often, you want to build something quickly, to see if it meets a customer need - no point in investing in it too heavily until you know your customers want it! If they do want it, it’s going to have to scale out for them - but you’ve only got three months to build it.

When building out something with a lot of unknowns, you want to be able to pick it apart and change how things work without too much overhead. This is where the concept of building seams into your software comes in - ways to internally structure your application so that you can pull out or change parts without affecting the whole. This talk is a short exploration of a brand new product Alix built from scratch and how she used state machines and event driven architecture to build seams into the product.


Cloud Native Summit - Alix Klingenberg

Alix Klingenberg

Senior Software Developer at Octopus Deploy

Alix is a software developer at Octopus Deploy, an awesome Australian success story in the CI/CD space. Her career has been in product tech companies, across Orion Health, Pushpay, Auror, Sharesies and as a co-founder of Multitudes, a company finding culture insights for other tech companies. She has also been an active force in the NZ developer community, as a co-organiser for GDG and C# Meetups in Auckland, co-running DevFest, organising and participating in various Women and Nonbinary People in Tech initiatives, and speaking at conferences. She’s currently focused on Cloud-native and C# development. In her spare time, she tweets bad tech jokes, runs a Tech Management book club and takes photos of her pugs.

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