Pre-Conference (September 4th, 2023)

Everyone gets a Kafka and other adventures in proxying

Kafka is a square peg in the round hole of cloud native technologies: It was designed before the cloud was a thing with a heavy weight, but very powerful, client API. Clients are inherently stateful and care very deeply about which brokers they are connected to (often all of them).

Kroxylicious is a new open source project aimed at helping teams take advantage of Kafka in the cloud. Rather than being a simple byte pipe Kroxylicious understands the Kafka protocol and exposes that to filter authors to allow them to customise the message stream to their hearts content. By pairing Kroxylicious with CNCF Strimzi our aim is to make Kafka fit that much better into the dynamic environment of Kubernetes. This session will shed some light on why Kafka doesn’t fit cleanly into a cloud native environment and go into details of two major filters the Kroxylicious project supports: Multi Tenant and Topic Encryption. Why these are interesting use cases for users and some of the issues involved in supporting them.


Cloud Native Summit - Sam Barker

Sam Barker

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

Sam is a Principal Software Engineer working for Red Hat in the Kafka ecosystem. He has a background in building and tending low latency systems based on the JVM. He weakly holds a variety of strong opinions about how software should be designed, built and deployed. Beyond his professional endeavors, Sam’s life revolves around the joy of parenting two small children. To recharge and explore new ideas, he laces up his running shoes, cherishing the time spent with his thoughts.

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