Main Conference (August 5th, 2022)

Getting Started with ArgoCD

For a long time we have deployed tools via CI/CD or manually. All of this means that it's a one time push to the repository, and only that triggers the workflow. Argo fundamentally changes this by implementing GitOps and ensuring manual changes are a thing of the past. ArgoCD will constantly sync your code committed in Git to the infrastructure that you have deployed. No more manual changes where you do not know who made the change and why.

ArgoCD is part of the Argo family. It is one component of a collection of great kubernetes native tools which help you redefine your end to end deployments. There are many tools in this family such as Argo Workflows, Argo Events, and much more. ArgoCD’s main companion tool is Argo ApplicationSets which simplifies your overall GitOps deployment process.

Argo is your first point of contact of any deployment within your Kubernetes cluster, and hence should be highly available and independent of your ingress. We achieve this using a load balancer for the respective cloud provider. We achieved this using Helmfile.

We will go over ApplicationSet generators, and how they help us achieve GitOps. The generator that we will use is a combination (matrix generator) of SCM generator, and list generator. We will show how to deploy a mono repo for your Kubernetes infrastructure and a poly repo for all the microservices within your entire GitHub organisation.

We will join Brad McCoy as we get an overview of what ArgoCD is and how you can get started we will cover the following topics:

- What is the need for ArgoCD?
- Argo tools overview?
- Introduction to ArgoCD
- How to use ArgoCD
- Questions and answers


Cloud Native Summit - Brad McCoy

Brad McCoy

Cloud Engineering Lead at Moula

Brad started off his career as a software engineer and transitioned into DevOps. He is now working as the Head of Cloud Engineering for Moula. He has spent time working overseas in The US, Australia, and India, and has recently returned back to his hometown in Christchurch, New Zealand where he would like to share his knowledge with the community there of what he has learnt working in Kubernetes for the last few years. His hobbies are surfing and craft beer!

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