Main Conference (May 19th, 2022)

How to adopt DevSecOps successfully

In your journey to cloud-native, it is important to measure every step you take towards complete understanding of your workloads, how they are performing and where you should concentrate your attention to.

On early days, making sure you were monitoring every application and collecting every log line in your stack was enough, but according to DORA State of DevOps research program and Google's Cloud Architecture Center, ​if too many alerts are not actionable, or result in no improvement, the team will easily miss those alerts that are meaningful and possibly very important, a problem known as alarm fatigue.

However, the right amount of observability improves the performance of distributed IT systems by using three types of telemetry data — metrics, logs and traces — so that teams can find root cause of issues and improve the system’s performance. Observability addresses the increasingly rapid, distributed and dynamic nature of cloud-native application deployments.

This talk describes what is cloud-native observability, what are key patterns to look at, how to upscale your monitoring stack into a cloud-native observability suite and where to start your journey


Cloud Native Summit - Michael Calizo

Michael Calizo

Associate Principal Solutions Architect at Red Hat

Mike Calizo is a Red Hat Associate Principal Solutions Architect based in New Zealand. His technology focus areas are OpenShift, RHEL, Satellite, Ansible, DevOps/DevSecOps. Mike is also a very active member of the open-source community and has written multiple articles for Red Hat blogs and about security, Kubernetes and automation. Mike is also the lead organizer of Ansible and OpenShift Meetups in New Zealand that are held several times a year.

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