Main Conference (August 5th, 2022)

So what is DevSecOps, really?

When I'm asked “What's your role?” and I answer “DevSecOps engineer” I always get a follow up “Hm, and what do you do?”. Or when I read job ads, or even start a new job, almost every time people are not sure what DevSecOps is about. Same as with DevOps that is not a role or title, though a way of thinking. But how does this new thinking translate into day to day activities? We will have a look at the mindset, principles and technologies of DevSecOps. Also I will share the most common security automation hardships and how to deal with them. We will touch education and management tactics and learn some professional tricks. And hopefully have some fun.


Cloud Native Summit - Anna Lezhikova

Anna Lezhikova

Senior DevSecOps Engineer at Reejig

Anna is a Lead DevSecOps Engineer from Wellington. She worked with a wide range of technologies in various big and small companies and found that the key factor in everything was humans, not machines. She loves to make big things by combining small parts. In free time she raises kids, plants and communities.

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